All I Want for Christmas…Is My Two Front Teeth


Perfect Holiday Song for Dentists

Oh, that song brings so many wonderful holiday memories. Plus, the union of a beloved Christmas song and teeth – it just doesn’t get any better for a dental office!

Here at Twin Lakes Family Dental, we have jumped in and fully emerged ourselves in the season. From decorating the office to enjoying the beautiful lights of Light Up Leitchfield at Leitchfield City Park. Did you see our banner? Dr. Holwager and the Twin Lakes Family Dental team revert back to the time that they were missing their two front teeth! 

We have even been able to play Santa’s little helpers by making some real wishes for new smiles come true this year. 

Ready for a New Smile

We often talk with patients that have spent years hiding their smile behind their hands or holding back a true laugh because they don’t like the appearance of their teeth. Having to hold back your joy can be even more frustrating during this time of year.

We want you to know that a new smile or replacing missing teeth isn’t just something you have to dream and wish about. 

With the technology and advancements in dentistry today, we have been able to give our patients new smiles in as little as two visits. And replacing missing teeth with dental implants is almost like being able to have your own teeth back. Our patients are amazed at how natural dental implants can look, feel, and function. For denture wearers, dental implants can stabilize and secure their teeth so they can eat all their favorite foods again in confidence.

If you are ready for that new smile or some new front teeth, we can help. Call today and come in for a free smile consultation. 

What to Expect 

During your dental consultation, you’ll get to meet Dr. Holwager and our entire smile maker team. We dedicate your appointment to learning more about your goals and sharing all the possibilities dentistry can offer to give you a smile you’ve always wanted. 

During this season, we want you to have the freedom to fully celebrate all the holiday cheer. Call today and schedule your complimentary smile consultation.


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